Toko telo

Interactive online conversations

Sharing experiences from the front lines of community-led conservation

Join us for a series of interactive online conversations, called Toko telo: Sharing experiences to foster better community-led conservation.

The events each include a facilitated conversation with an international panel in English, followed by interactive workshops.

We are excited to announce a series of Toko Telo online conversations exploring the successes and challenges of community-led fisheries management and conservation.

We are looking for participants and contributors to the series so please contact us if you have relevant experience to share.

Toko telo


‘Toko telo mahamasa-nahandro’ is a Malagasy proverb describing how when cooking without a stove you need to bring three rocks together to hold a pot above a fire. The saying is understood to mean that in order to achieve great things you need to work together, taking different ideas from multiple people to make something that works well.

This concept is the inspiration for our new series of online interactive discussions championing diverse voices, perspectives and sparking creative solutions for the future of community-led marine conservation.

next event

Fairer finance for small-scale fisheries: Supporting sustainable fisheries management through improved earnings

Thursday 7th October 2021

13:30 – 15:00 London | 15:30 – 17:00 Antananarivo & Nairobi | 19:30 – 21:00 Jakarta


Meet the panel

Wilderness Markets

Future of Fish

Blue Ventures

The panel discussion will be chaired by Christopher Giordano, Technical Advisor – Fisheries Value Chains & Markets, Blue Ventures.


This event will consist of two parts: a forty five minute panel discussion with live questions to the panel in English, followed by a forty-five minute break out discussion in English, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia and French (indicate preferred language when registering for the event).

Session objectives

Access to finance and equitable distribution of benefits within seafood value chains has been one key challenge for community-led fisheries management. This second event in the Blue Ventures series of Toko Telo online conversations will explore potential successes and challenges of community-led fisheries management and conservation projects that seek to improve fisher earnings.

The session aims to:

  1. Explore financing fisheries management through
    • Value-add processes
    • Fishery Improvement Projects
    • Microlending or other tools
  2. Facilitate cross-sectoral learning by discussing examples from fisheries and agriculture that could be relevant for practitioners
  3. Discuss tools that exist or could be developed to progress work in this area

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Welcome to the discussion :)

Want to join us?

Welcome to the discussion :)